d Cynthis Dunn-Selph

Cynthia Dunn-Selph

cynthia dunn-selph

The child of artists, Cynthia has been creating art all of her life. She works in many mediums, from acrylic painting, oil pastels, and encaustic, to ceramics and mosaics, to paper making and assemblage, to photography and mixed media. Her passion is to merge and combine different mediums to create something unique and to always be enhancing and exploring her technical knowledge of a material, then pushing the boundaries of that material.

Cynthia has created custom themed commissioned pieces in photography, mixed media and painting and has had showings of her photography and art in California, Kansas, and Arizona. She has taught classes to children and adults, focusing on the aspects of process and creative play rather than just technique as she believes we are all artists just needing an outlet for our creativity.

She is currently a member of the Amador County Artists Association and is the Gallery Coordinator for AmadorArts Gallery in Sutter Creek.

Here are a few samples of Cynthia's work

hill       forgotten

snowy       house

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