Nancy Robinson (formerly O'Gorman)

nancy o'gorman

Nancy Robinson, a native of San Francisco, has been photographing people, places, and things since 1972. She lived in Wyoming, Maine, Oregon, Utah, and Washington before coming back to California in 2012, making Sutter Creek her home.

Nancy is drawn to almost any subject matter that has an artistic quality to it, especially landscapes and anything in nature. Her favorite photography is classic black-and-white printed in the darkroom, but the charms found in and around Sutter Creek is her latest project in digital color photography, with many processed in HDR, or High Dynamic Range. This method, by blending three separate exposures, shows the detail in both shadows and highlights and makes existing colors "pop."

Nancy has worked as a photojournalist and freelancer and has been published in several newspapers and magazines over the years. Her favorite photographic activity is taking on a project such as "Sutter Creek Treasures," capturing scenes and vignettes around her favorite town.

Here are a few samples of Nancy's work

bella graceand       fine eye dogs

scenery       bicycle

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