Helen Wilkinson

Helen Wilkinson

My LOVE for glass started in about 1971 when I decided I wanted a Tiffany Style lamp. I couldn't afford one so I took a 6-week class in stained glass and that was the beginning — and I haven't stopped loving glass yet.

I went from doing stained glass to fused glass (using a kiln). As I got into making jewelry, I couldn't find beads to go with my fused pendants, so I started doing lampwork beads (beads made with a torch). Now sometimes I incorporate them all together. If I can't find the right glass (color combination or texture) for a particular project, I make my own.

I am now beginning to work with nature in my glass work as well — combining driftwood, shell, tree branches and more in my designs. You will see more of this type of work in the next months.

My husband I love to travel, RV, cruise, or just take weekend trips close to home and I am always looking for new inspiration for new projects.

Here are a few samples of Helen's work

flower plate       stained glass


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